Startup and Feasibility Spreadsheets
    Startup and Feasibility Spreadsheets
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      Startup and Feasibility Spreadsheets

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    Whether you're planning on opening your first restaurant or adding another location, thorough analysis of the financial feasibility of the project is essential. The complete set of Restaurant Start-Up & Feasibility spreadsheets have been refined over many years on a wide variety of restaurant ventures. They offer a detailed approach to helping you quickly consider all the essential financial parameters that impact the feasibility of a proposed restaurant or foodservice business.

    These linked Microsoft Excel Worksheets will not only help you evaluate the feasibility of a proposed restaurant, but they also function as an integral part of your business plan, and provide you with an invaluable tool in selling your project to potential partners, lenders and investors!

    The Start-Up & Feasibility Spreadsheets are organized as a single Excel Workbook consisting of Eight linked worksheets (identified as Tabs on the bottom of the Workbook). A duplicate "Sample" Workbook is included in the download. It has been completed with financial information from a fictitious restaurant named Blue Water LLC.

    Click on the linked Worksheets below to view "sample" worksheet data in PDF file format.

    General Company Information
    Projected Sources & Uses of Funds
    Capital Budget
    Sales Projections
    Hourly Labor Cost Projection
    Expense Assumptions
    Detailed P&L Projection
    Summary P&L Projection
    5 Year P&L and Equity Return Rates
    Break Even Worksheet
    Break Even P&L Summary