QuickBooks Setup, Training & Support

The Challenge:

As a former restaurant owner and operator for over 30 years, I know first-hand the challenges that independent restaurant owners face when it comes to managing their accounting and bookkeeping process. Rarely do restaurant owners bring accounting experience to their business, and they cannot typically afford to hire dedicated accounting staff to handle the day to day tasks that are required. Read my article Ten Restaurant Financial Red Flags.

My Expertise:

John Nessel, President of Restaurant Resource Group, literally wrote the book on using QuickBooks in the restaurant industry (The Restaurant Operators Complete Guide to QuickBooks). John has been supporting restaurant operators manage their accounting and bookkeeping with QuickBooks since 1998. He has written extensively on restaurant accounting issues and practices. His articles are widely available in publications like Restaurant Startup & Growth Magazine, and on websites like RestaurantOwner.com and RunningRestaurants.com. He has also led seminars on Restaurant Accounting with QuickBooks since 2004. 

How I Help:

Whether you're new to QuickBooks or upgrading your file I will customize a plan specifically for you and your restaurant. I am experienced working with both the Desktop version of QuickBooks Pro as well as with the QuickBooks Online edition.

Step 1: Bookkeeping Process
Analyze your current processes what is done in QuickBooks and other systems (e.g. spreadsheets), and design a workflow of daily, weekly and monthly procedures.

Step 2: File Review & Clean Up
Review & clean up your chart of accounts, lists, items, memorized  transaction templates, accounts payables,  inventory & more 

Step 3: Support & Training
Personal coaching and training is performed remotely (using screen sharing software) or on-site. I pride myself on being an excellent teacher and coach, and have a passion for supporting restaurant owners take control of their accounting process.

Step 4: Financial Analysis
Provide valuable insight into your company's financial performance, and coach you on how to use your three financial reports: The Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flows

How I Work:

Step 1: Free Evaluation
Every consultation begins with a free evaluation. This includes a phone conversation to discuss your current situation and assessments of what you believe are your current challenges and needs. Then I will review your QuickBooks accounting file to get a first-hand look at your accounting procedures and data integrity. 

Step 2: Propose a Plan 
I will then make detailed recommendations for a plan of action. This will include payment options which may include either an hourly fee, or a flat rate payment for clearly defined scope of services. 

Step 3: Execution
I will work alongside you (and your team if appropriate) to complete the project on schedule and in within budget. You'll receive regular milestone reports, and we'll have frequent progress calls.

Step 4: Maintenance
I'll put a plan in place to help you meet long term goals, and a communication schedule to ensure you're making the most of your new system.

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