About Us

John Nessel is the President of the Restaurant Resource Group. A 45-year veteran of the industry, John began his career in the kitchens of some rather unmemorable restaurants in the late 60's. Things started to look up as he charged his way through the ranks, first as an egg and pancake slinging short order cook at Flapjacks in Aspen, CO and then on to bigger, and more importantly, higher paying industry gigs in the New England region (with a few kitchen "jockey" positions thrown in to round out his rather limited culinary chops). Thank goodness he discovered that his skills lay in more entrepreneurial endeavors within the industry.

He has since created, designed, brought to life and operated a variety of restaurant concepts ranging from City Market, a New York Style Gourmet Deli and Cafe; City Side, an upscale and eclectic fine dining restaurant, Jazz Bar and casual cafe and Aesop's Bagels, a Boston based chain of retail bagel cafes with a manufacturing plant selling frozen bagels to all main-line New England food distributors.

In 1999 John hung up his apron, and created the Restaurant Resource Group. Initially the company provided financial management and support services to Boston area restaurants. John now provides these services to a national clientele. In 2002 he wrote and published the Restaurant Operators Complete Guide to QuickBooks which has become the definitive industry guide to the accounting software program used by most independent restaurants today (the 2nd edition was published in 2007) The book along with many other restaurant financial and management tools & support services are available on this website. John also writes articles relating to restaurant finance and operations that are posted to a variety of industry websites including Restaurant Owner and Restaurant Report. He is also a contributor to Restaurant Startup and Growth Magazine, and offers full day seminars in Restaurant Accounting as well as Menu Engineering and Analysis.

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