Restaurant Operations Checklists
    Restaurant Operations Checklists
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      Restaurant Operations Checklists

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    At the heart of any successful restaurant is the ability to replicate all elements of the dining experience the same way over and over again � consistent execution is key to building loyal, repeat customers. Developing detailed checklists that document the steps of how you do business is the first step in building a restaurant capable of producing consistent products, service and financial results.

    These Restaurant Checklists are designed for you to use as a guide in deciding what your restaurant should be doing in the areas of purchasing, receiving, storage, food preparation, cost controls, and more. Use them as a training tool, a control tool and as a means of identifying and fixing problems.

    The following checklists are included:

    • Restaurant Manager's Closing Checklist (click for pages 1-2 of 3)
    • Restaurant Manager's Shift Change Checklist
    • Restaurant Manager's Opening Checklist
    • Restaurant Service Checklist 
    • Restaurant Purchasing Checklist
    • Restaurant Receiving Checklist (click for page 1 of 2)
    • Restaurant Storage Checklist
    • Restaurant Preparation Checklist
    • Restaurant Cleaning Checklist (kitchen & storage areas)

    Each restaurant checklist comes in a Microsoft Word format (.docx) file format and can easily be modified in any word processing software to reflect your own unique operating standards and practices.

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