Restaurant Employee Handbook
    Restaurant Employee Handbook
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      Restaurant Employee Handbook

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    Download this customizable MS Word Restaurant Employee Handbook and prevent your employee policies and procedures from randomly evolving! When a restaurant's policies and procedures are allowed to simply "happen" it can, and usually does, lead to misunderstandings, low employee morale and even expensive legal problems.

    Having a concise employee handbook helps to avoid potential lawsuits and is the first step in establishing a consistent set of personnel practices. A well-crafted employee handbook is something no restaurant should be without.

    Use the Restaurant Employee Handbook Template as a guide to help you develop and document your own unique book of policies, procedures and practices relating to the hiring and employment of your staff. The file is fully customizable and you can add your own images, name, and alternative text. We strongly suggest that you have a competent attorney, familiar with employment law in your area, review your handbook before adopting its contents and distributing it to your employees.

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