QuickBooks Chart of Accounts Import File and Directions

Click here to download a file that will create a fully configured Chart of Accounts in your new QuickBooks 2016 (or later) Company file. This chart of accounts is consistent with the National Restaurant Association "Uniform System of Accounts for Restaurants".

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Note: the download file is a ZIP file which will open to the file that you will import into QuickBooks (the import file is named restaurant-coa.iif).  The download file should first be saved to your computer's hard drive, and then "unzipped" by double clicking on it. 

Once the file is unzipped, open your QuickBooks software program and follow the directions below to 1) Create a new QuickBooks company file, and then 2) Import the .iif file into QuickBooks thereby creating your Chart of Accounts in this newly created file:

DIRECTIONS FOR QUICKBOOKS 2016 or later users:

1)  From the QuickBooks Menu Bar select File...New Company

2)  From the Opening Screen that appears select the "Other Options" button in the lower left portion of the window, then select "Advanced Setup". See image below. DO NOT select the Start Setup button!

3)   Enter your company information.

4)   SKIP the Select Your Industry screen and select Next.

5)   Select the legal status of your business and select Next.

6)   Select the first month of your Fiscal Year and select Next.

7)   Setup your Administrative Password (Optional) then select Next.

8)   Create the new Company file by selecting Next.

9)   Select the location on your hard drive where the new company file will live (e.g. Documents). Then click SAVE.

10)   From the "Customize QuickBooks for Your Business" window select Next.

11) From the "What do you Sell" window make the appropriate selection, then select Next.

12) Click Yes to charge Sales Tax then select Next.

13) Make appropriate selections to the next few screens till you get to the Tracking Inventory in QuickBooks window. Select NO and then continue till you get to the Using Accounts in QuickBooks window, then select Next.

14) Select your Start Date from the options, then select Next.

15) From the Review Income & Expense Accounts window UNCLICK (De-select) all accounts that have a check mark in the left margin! Before proceeding make sure that no accounts are selected then select Next.

16) From the Congratulations window select "Go to Setup".

17) Select the "Start Working" button.

18) From the QuickBooks menu (top left) select File|Utilities|Import|iif 

19)  Now select the file you downloaded in the first step of this process. Its name is restaurant-coa.iif. The file will be imported.

To view your new Chart of Accounts go the the QuickBooks Main Menu and select Lists|Chart of Accounts

Note: In order to insure that you new Chart of Accounts functions in the way it was intended be sure to activate the QuickBooks account numbering option using QuickBooks Preferences (from the Menu Bar select Edit...Preferences. Now select the Accounting icon on the left side of the Preference Screen and then select the Company Preferences Tab. Check the box that reads "Use Account Numbers". Also check the box directly below that reads "Show lowest subaccount only")

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