Kitchen Schedule Planner and Writer
    Kitchen Schedule Planner and Writer
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      Kitchen Schedule Planner and Writer

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    This Workbook is designed to create fully costed and printable Weekly Staffing Schedules for each job category in the kitchen. 

    • Creates Weekly Schedules for each Job Category (e.g. Cooks, Dishwashers, etc)
    • Includes each employees Hourly Pay Rate, Daily and Week-to-Date Total Scheduled Hours, and Daily and Week-to-Date Shift Total ($)
    • Accounts for both Regular and Overtime hours scheduled with associated dollar costs for each
    • Provides a detailed Weekly Summary for each employee, job category and for the department as a whole 
    • Produces three daily and weekly measures of Labor Productivity based on the schedules you create and manual inputs of daily sales forecasts and "covers"
    • Prints a Legal Size Weekly Schedule for Posting and Employee Viewing (without references to associated pay rates or shift dollars)
    • Offers simple documentation to allow your first schedule to be created within moments
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