Import Inventory into EZchef by Copying and Pasting from Existing Spreadsheets

The new Version 4 of EZchef software is designed so that you can easily import inventory data from your existing spreadsheets, or from those available from your food and beverage vendors. This procedure, if followed correctly, is a significant time saver compared to manual entry of each inventory item.

From the lower right corner of the EZchef Main Menu click on the "EZchef Template" icon as shown below, then select the "Create Template" button.

EZchef will now create, and prompt you to save, a new Excel workbook, with six identical worksheets as shown below. Use one or more worksheets for each Vendor whose products you plan to import. 

After saving the file, close the EZchef program and open the new workbook. First enter the Vendor's Name (in the Blue colored cell A1). Limit the Name entry to 12 characters for best results.  

Now, from the same Excel window, Open the Excel file that you will to use to copy your existing data. Both files should be viewable from the same Excel window as shown below. (To display as shown below Use the "View...Arrange All" feature of Excel and select the "Vertical" button.

Now you can copy (CTR+C) and paste (CTR+V) your existing data, column by column, to the empty template. For example, Inventory item names from your existing spreadsheet are pasted in Column C of the template with the heading "Item Name". If the item's Pack# and Pack Size are combined in a single column on your current spreadsheet (as in Column C above), then paste that column into Column G of the template as shown below (the Pack Size column). Leave the Pack # (Column F) empty!

Then select each item's EZchef inventory category name from the drop down list in Column A. These inventory category names are included in the export file you created to begin this procedure. The item's Code (Column D) and Brand (Column E) are optional.

When done, save the Template file with the current date (e.g. EZchef Inventory Template_ Date). Now you can import the inventory data in the newly created template directly into EZchef. Do this by selecting the Import Template button as shown below.

When the data is imported you will see the following message. Congrats! That was EZ.