Export Your USFoods Order Guide from the USFoods Website


The ability to import your USFoods order guide into EZchef Software, with a single mouse click, is arguably one of EZchef's most compelling and powerful features. Moreover, this procedure can be repeated on a regular basis to update all product prices, and to add new products as they are included in your order guide.

Follow the directions on this page to first "export" your order guide file, and then "import" into EZchef Software. If you do not have a USFoods.com account, then contact your sales representative to obtain one. 

1)  Log into your www.usfoods.com account. Enter your Username and Password and click on the Login box.


2) Select 
List: Order Guide and then Create List+


3) Next highlight 
COPY LIST, and then enter EZchef as the New List Name. Now select the Create button


4) From the Edit List window select Add Custom Group +.


5) One at a time add the following new group names:

Meat and Poultry
Grocery and Dry 
Non Alc Bev
Paper and Disp


6) When done, your new group list will appear as shown below.

7) Starting with the Produce items highlight all items that belong in the Produce section. To select an item click on the symbol to the left of the name. Hold down the Control key to select multiple items.


8) When all are selected, drag the highlighted item or the entire list to the left to the appropriate new category name. Then release and select Move as shown below.


9) When all items have been moved to the new Product Categories it's time to Export the new order guide file. Select DOWNLOAD as shown below.


10) Make sure to select CSV as the file format and All groups! Then click Download


11) Depending on the Browser you use you'll be directed to SAVE the file. Use the Save As option to Save the file to the location you want (e.g. Desktop). You can leave the name as is or edit to your liking.

12) Once saved you can Import into EZchef by selecting the Import from Distributor icon on the EZchef Main Menu.