Export Your USFoods Order Guide from the USFoods Website


The ability to import your USFoods order guide into EZchef Software, with a single mouse click, is arguably one of EZchef's most compelling and powerful features. Moreover, this procedure can be repeated on a regular basis to update all product prices, and to add new products as they are included in your order guide.

Follow the directions on this page to first "export" your order guide file, and then "import" into EZchef Software. If you do not have a USFoods.com account, then contact your sales representative to obtain one. 

For USFoods customers using the new "MOXe" application skip to the end ot the first section below for instructions to export your order guide.

1)  Log into your www.usfoods.com account. Enter your Username and Password and click on the Login box.


2) Select "MANAGE LIST" from under the ORDER GUIDE header


3) Select "Order Guide" from below CENTRALLY MANAGED LISTS

4) From the Sort List By window select "US Foods Class". 

 5) Select the three horizontal dots and then "DOWNLOAD"  

6) Finally, select "CSV" as the file type and "Include Product Prices" before downloading and saving to your hard drive. 


1.Select "My Lists" from the green oval in the upper right corner of the page.

2. Scroll down the Lists page to the "Managed by US Foods" header, and select your Order Guide.

3. Select the oval that reads "Sort & Filter".

4. Select the arrow to right of "US Foods Class", and then select the dot adjacent to "All US Foods Class" and "Recently Purchased". Then select "Apply".

5. From the next page select the three vertical dots and then "Download".

6. You can edit the default name (e.g EZchef Order Guide"), but the file type must be "CSV" and you must select "Include Product Prices". Finally select "Download" from the green oval below

7. Depending on the browser you're using the file name will appear under the download icon. If using Google Chrome then it will be in the upper right corner as shown below. Save the file to your hard drive 

8. The order guide file will look similar to the image below (same rows and columns that is)


9. To import the Order Guide file into EZchef open the program, and select the icon "From Distributor Order Guide"