Export Your "Sysco Source" Order Guide (Customer Online Ordering System)

There are currently a number of options for Sysco customers to obtain an "export" file which includes a list of all the products they purchase. This list is referred to as an Order Guide. This export file can be saved to the customer's computer, and subsequently "imported" into the EZchef program to regularly update all prices and to add new products.

Sysco Source is Canada's new customer online ordering system, and you can easily export your order guide from Sysco Source by following the instructions below.

1. Log on to the website http://www.syscosource.ca

2. From the Dashboard select Reports…Guides…Custom Guides


3. Select the Order Guide


4. From the Advanced Tab select Export…Display Prices 

5. From the Advanced Tab select Export…User Export Setup

6. From the Export screen select "CSV" as the file format, then, one by one from the left window select the 7 fields as shown below (must be in the exact sequence as shown). Move each to the window on the right. When done, click the "Save" icon in the upper right corner of the screen. 

Class Description


 7. Now go back to the Advanced tab and select Export… User Export


 8. Finally save the file to your hard drive using "Save As" as shown below (this image is for Internet Explorer, your browser window may appear differently)

NOTE: The next time you export the order guide you can skip Steps 5 & 6