Export Your "Sysco Pro" Order Guide (Sales Rep Ordering System)

There are currently a number of options for Sysco customers to obtain an "export" file which includes a list of all the products they purchase with current pricing. This list is referred to as your "Order Guide".

This export option is specifically for Sysco Canada customers, and the order guide needs to be exported from your Sales Rep using the new (2016) Sysco Pro application that resides on your Sales Rep's computer Desktop.

NOTE: If you have the new Sysco Source application on your computer you can export your file directly (without the Sales Rep) by following the instructions in this link.

The following instructions are therefore intended for your Sales Rep, and you should forward this link to them. Once exported they will email the file to you. Save it to your Desktop, and then import directly into EZchef.

Make sure to view the "Alert" at the bottom of the page!!!

1. Log on to the Sysco Pro application (Sales Rep's Desktop)


2. Select "New Order"


3. Begin typing the customer name, and when it auto fills, select it from the list 

4. When the Begin Order Entry screen displays, select OK to continue

5. From the Order Information window select "History"

6. When the screen displays the customer items select File


7. From the File drop down list select Export and to CSV

8. From the next screen select Group and OK

9. Finally, you can Save the file or Email directly to your customer from this screen. Make sure to view the information below the ALERT! message below before sending the file to your customer. I have discovered variances in the format of exported files created using the instructions above.


Review the exported file prior to sending to your customer. The format must match the info below, or the file will not import properly! Columns that are indicated as "not used" must still be present.

Column A-not used
*Column B- Class # Headings
 Column C- not used
*Column D- Item
*Column E- Pack
*Column F- Size
*Column G- Brand
 Column H- not used
*Column I- Description
 Column J- not used
 Column K- not used
 Column L- not used
 Column M- not used
 Column N- not used
*Column O- Price
 Columns P-X are not used, and do not need to be present in export file

If you have any questions contact john@ezchef.com

Best wishes....