Export Your Sysco Order Guide from the eSysco or Sysco Market Website

If you have access to one of Sysco's two web portals; either www.esysco.net or https://syscomarket-stg.sysco.com/logon/customers.html, then you can export your order guide by following the instructions below.

Note: If you DO NOT have access through one of these portals then you can obtain your order guide through your Sysco Sales Associate by sending them the link below.

Read the information in the link above before forwarding to the sales associate. The order guide you receive will be created from the associate's laptop computer using what is referred to as the SAM program (Sysco Account Manager). This is the program your sales person uses to manage your account.

Irrespective of which Sysco web portal you use to access your account information, you will have the option to export your order guide using one of three options:

eSysco (the original account management application)

Sysco Market (the second generation application Sysco introduced in 2009)

Sysco Market Express (the current application with enhanced ease of use)


Use Sysco Market Express as it is indeed the easiest method!

1. Select the Sysco Market Express option, and you will be directed to the following page.

2. Select "Lists" from the Blue header above and your Sysco order guide will be displayed under the Sysco Lists section as shown below. In some cases the order guide prepared from this list will be fine as is, but in other cases this list may contain many products that you do not presently purchase. Importing the list in this case will result in having to ignore many items, and make EZchef less efficient to manage for menu costing and for taking inventory.

Therefore, after selecting the Order Guide from the "Sysco Lists" , take some time to review the list, and see if it is appropriate for your use. If not, you can create a new "custom list" using the instructions provided at the bottom of this document.  

3. OK, let's assume that the current list is suitable for your use with EZchef. The next step prior to exporting the list is to select Sysco Categories from "GROUP ITEMS BY:" dropdown list. DO NOT select the "Hide Price" option to the right!

4. Next, you need to select Export List from "More List Tools" dropdown box

5. It is critical that you select both Option 6, and check the box that reads "Include Pricing" before exporting the file!


6. Finally, save the file to your hard drive (e.g. Desktop or the same folder that you keep your EZchef file). You can edit the file name if you like, or leave it as is. 

7. You can now Import the file into EZchef by selecting the Import Sysco Order Guide button as shown below from the EZchef program



The list exported using the instructions above is Sysco's default order guide for your restaurant, and it cannot be modified to include only the products that you want to import into EZchef. As you will see when you review this list, it may include many items that you do not currently purchase, or even items that have never been purchased.

The good news is that you can create your own custom list, beginning with a copy of the Sysco list, and then delete any items you choose. The new list will be saved under the "My Lists" section, and when imported into EZchef will result in a more manageable list of products for you to use when costing your menu, and taking physical inventory counts.

1. The first step is to Export the Sysco list as described at the top of the page. Save this file to your computer Desktop.

2. From the "Lists" screen select the Import List button.

3. From the Import a List window click the Browse button, and then select the Sysco Order Guide list you just exported and saved. Edit the name window to "EZchef Order Guide List" to distinguish it from any other custom lists that already exist, or that may be created for other purposes in the future. Finally click on the Import button.

4. You may or may not see the following screen which indicates that there are one or more items in your Sysco Order Guide that cannot be added (including items with split quantities). Select OK to continue

5. Your New List will now be displayed under the "My Lists" section

6. Select the New EZchef Order Guide List to display the contents. Now select the Edit List button as shown below

7. You can now select any items that you do not want to appear in your new EZchef order guide. Note that I selected two items below. When done simply click the "Delete Items" button.

8. Finally select the "Save List" button, and click Yes to save your changes!

9. Now you can export the custom list the same way you exported the Sysco Order Guide list. From the More List Tools dropdown select Export List and make sure that Option 6 is selected and the Include Prices box is checked.

Best wishes....