Export Your PerformanceNet Order Guide

Export your PerformanceNet Order Guide to Import into EZchef software

You can easily import all your Performance Food Service products, with current pricing, from a file exported from the PerformanceNet portal. This procedure can be repeated on a regular basis to update prices, and to add new products as they are included in your order guide.

Log in to the PerformanceNet portal (https://eastern5.onlinefoodservice.com/pnet/eOrderServlet)

Select Reports|Guides|Standard Order Guide (unless you have configured a Custom Guide).

Select Advanced|User Export Setup. This is a one-time step to properly configure the export file.

Move the fields, one by one, to the right side in the same alphabetical sequence as shown below. Then select CSV as the file format, and finally select the SAVE icon in the upper right corner.

Click out of the User Options window and select Advanced|Export|User Export.

The Order Guide (in CSV file format) will appear in the download section at the lower left corner of the window, SAVE the file to your Desktop