Export Your Gordon Foodservice Order Guide

Gordon Foodservice US and Canada use different web portals for accessing their online account management systems.

In the US the online ordering system is called GFS Experienceand in Canada it is called GFS Connect.


GFS Experience:

1.Log In to the GFS Experience website with your User Name and Password

2. Select the "Online Ordering" icon as shown below.

3.       3. Select "Order Guide from left column.

4. Select the "Print/Export List" option

5. After clicking the radio button for CSV as the file type, check the items in the list of Export options as shown below (all except Last Order Date). Make sure that the "Group Headers" box is checked. Finally, select the "Download" icon.

6. The exported file should look like the file below

GFS Connect:

1)      1. Log in to your GFS Connect web portal…

2. From the Dashboard select ReportsGuidesOrder Guide 12345



3. From the Advanced Tab select ExportUser Export Setup


4. Select CSV as the File Format and Select all 43 Fields in the column on the Left and move them to the column on the Right as shown below. Note: All 43 fields must be selected or the file will not import properly into EZchef!

5. From the Advanced Tab, Select User Export and then "Save As" to the Desktop or other location you want to store the file in. Rename if you like (e.g. Your Restaurant Name.csv)


6. Finally, open the EZchef program and Import the file using the Import Inventory from Distributor button (lower right corner of Main Menu)