Export Your Gordon Foodservice Order Guide

Gordon Foodservice US and Canada use different web portals for accessing their online account management systems.

In the US the online ordering system is called GFS Experienceand in Canada it is called GFS Connect.


GFS Experience:

1. Log In to the GFS Experience website with your User Name and Password

2. Select the Experience... Sign In icon as shown below.

3.       3. Sign In.

4. Select the Ordering option

5. Select Order Guide 

6. Select the Blue square with down arrow

7. Select "Custom Export" from the dropdown list

8. From the Custom Export window below 1) Select CSV as the file format. 2) Move all items except "Last Order Date" from the left to the right in the following exact sequence: Item Number, Brand, Description, Inner Pack, Pack, and Price (if Price does not display call your sales rep and ask him/her to activate), and 3) Select Group Header. Then select "Download", and save the file to your Desktop

GFS Canada:  

1. Log in to your GFS Canada web portal and Sign In on the left side of the screen that reads " I place orders on Gordon Ordering"

2. Sign in using your user name and password


3. Select "Guides" from the upper left corner


4. Under Guides select "Order Guide"

5. Select "Export" from the upper right part of the screen


6. Move the following data fields from the left window to the right window in exactly the following sequence:

Category, Item Number, Brand, Item Description, Pack Size, Unit Size, and Case Price

7. Finally, select "EXPORT", and depending on your Browser save the downloaded order guide file to your local hard drive