New EZchef Software Features 

1. One Click Inventory "Find & Replace" feature

2. One Click Menu Item and Sub Recipe "Duplicate" button

3. Inventory "Price History" report

4. User defined "Price Change Alert"

5. Link to "Online Conversion Tool" for Weight-to-Volume item conversions

6. File Backup button (Date and Time stamped)

7. Include Prepared Food Items in your Physical Inventory Counts


1. Find & Replace
Do you want to replace an existing inventory item in all the menu items and sub recipes that currently use that linked item? Whether it's a permanent or temporary replacement, it's now simple to substitute inventory items without manually replacing each item in every template where it's presently linked. Simply select the current item from the drop down window, and then select the replacement item from the window below. EZchef will do the rest, and display the number of times the replacement has been made. 


2. Duplicate Existing Menu Items and Sub Recipes
With the new "Duplicate Recipe" button you can save time, and easily create a copy of any existing menu item or sub-recipe. After creating the copy simply rename the new recipe, and modify it as you like.

3. Inventory Item Price History
Now you can easily track historic price changes for all your food and beverage items. Whether you want to track a single item or all items, the process is as EZ as indicated below.

Select a Single Item or Display All Items…

Single Item Price History…

or Display the Price History of All Items...

4. Inventory Item Price Alert
Set the Price Change Alert (% Increase or Decrease) to display a message whenever you manually update your inventory prices. The default setting is 10% but you can set to any number you like.

Once the Default is set, the message below will be displayed anytime the new price increases or decreases by the set amount.


5. Link to Online Tool for Weight-to-Volume inventory item conversions
While EZchef's Conversion Tool is adequate for most of your recipe and inventory unit conversions, we now provide an easy online link to a conversion tool for products that you purchase by weight but typically call for in a volume measure. Since the density of each product varies, this type of conversion relies on a data base of common food products. For example, you may buy granulated sugar by the pound (weight), but call for it in you recipes by the tablespoon or cup (volume). Use this link to easily make this type of conversion..


6. Backup Your EZchef File
I see many users simply SAVE their file after a working session with the program. This is not a recommended practice as it fails to create a backup of the data in the event that the file becomes corrupted or more typically, the user wants or needs to go back to a previous version.

The SAVE AS is a better alternative, especially when you append the file name with the current date (e.g. EZchef Nov 5 2014.xlsm. Then, if there is a problem with current file, the user can always go back to the last file that was used.

Even better is a backup feature, that when clicked, creates a copy of the file without you having to leave the current program file. From the EZchef Main Menu you can now simply click on the BACKUP feature, and EZchef will create a Date and Time "stamped" copy of your file. It will save the backup file to the same directory that your program file is located.

6. Include Prepared Food Items in your Physical Inventory Counts
This is a feature that was created in response to customer requests. Many restaurants want to be able to include prepared food items (often referred to as "food in process") in their regular inventory counts. This food often represent a significant cost, and not including it in the inventory counts may result in your Cost of Sales calculations not being accurately reflected.

To be clear, Prepared Food is represented by your Sub Recipes. These are items that are not sold as costed in the program, but are typically components of Menu Items, or even of other Sub Recipes.

To use the new feature simply click on the Update Prepared Food Costs button prior to taking your printing your inventory count sheets.

The first time you do this the following message will be displayed...

Click the Edit Inventory Categories button and replace one of the "editable" categories with the name Prepared Food. Then make sure to click the "Apply Names" button as shown below.

EZchef will add each Sub Recipe name, and current "Batch" Cost, to the newly created Prepared Foods inventory section of the program. It will also "append" the name by adding "-INV" to each name. You will still need to assign an Inventory Count Unit (and Conversion) to each item based on the way you want to count it.

DO NOT use the Prepared Foods section of the program for linking your Sub Recipes to Menu Items or other Sub Recipes. This new section is to be used exclusively for taking period ending inventory counts.



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