Export Your FSA Star Solutions Order Guide

Import your FSA Star Solutions Order Guide into EZchef software

You can easily import all your Food Services of America (FSA) products, with current pricing, from a file exported from the FSA Star Solutions application. This procedure can be repeated on a regular basis to update prices, and to add new products as they are included in your order guide.

Before beginning you must have the FSA Star Solutions application installed on your computer. If you do not have it, then contact your Sales Rep, and request a link for you to install. You will also need a User ID and Password to access.

a.) Select the Star Solutions program icon on your Desktop; then log in.

b.) From the Home option select "New Order" and then click OK

c.) Select "Order Info" and then "From History"

f.) Click on the asterik (*) at the top left of the grid. It's located to the left of the "Item" header (see below).

g.) Select (in this sequence): Pack, Size, Brand, Description, PriceBook Name, Class Name , Last PriceDe-select all others.

h.) Go to "Workspace" tab and Save Current Workspace as EZchef.

i.) Now select File…Export...Excel

j.) Save to your Desktop

***NOTE: Before Importing,  check to make sure that the following data is in the correct column format***

Column A- Item
Column B- Pack
Column C- Size
Column D- Brand
Column E- Description
Column F- PBook Name
Column G- Class Name
Columns H & I- ignore
Column J- Price
Columns K & L- ignore

k.). Finally it's time to import the FSA Order Guide data into EZchef. Open the EZchef file, and select the "Import Inventory....From Distributor" icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

l.) Now Select the "Import FSA Order Guide" button

m.) Your Order Guide file will be automatically imported into EZchef software, and you can watch the process as a blue bar moves from left to right across the screen.

n.) When the inventory data from your order guide has been imported, the message box below will appear. Click "OK" to return to the EZchef Main Menu. Repeat this process as frequently as you like to update prices, and to include new Inventory items as they are added to your Order Guide.