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Our spreadsheets are easy to use and provide a great value over a wide range of operational demands.
Restaurant Startup Checklists

The Restaurant Startup Checklist begins 12 months from opening day and is organized as a timeline to opening

Price: $59.00


New Restaurant Opening Guide

50-page guide to help you plan, organize & execute a successful restaurant opening. Includes an 8 week timeline and checklist plus forms and schedules

Price: $59.00


Restaurant Start Up & Feasibility Spreadsheets

These Spreadsheets will not only help you evaluate the feasibility of a proposed restaurant, but also function as an integral part of your business financial plan (not included in Spreadsheet Library).

Price: $99.00


Restaurant Startup Package: Opening & Start Up Guides, Checklists and Feasibility Spreadsheets

This collection of our best selling guides, checklists and spreadsheets is designed to insure the success of your new restaurant startup

Price: $179.00


Starting a Restaurant from Scratch

A 90 page e-book designed to guide the emerging restaurateur through a step-by-step approach to opening and operating a successful restaurant

Price: $59.00



Restaurant Business Plan Part 2: Financial Modeling Spreadsheets 3.0

Acts as a financial modeling tool and provides all the reports needed for your business plan. Tested successfully with bankers, venture funds and private investors.

Price: $199.00


Restaurant Business Plan: Complete Package 3.0 with Consulting

The complete business plan with 1/2 hour of phone consultation

Price: $249.00


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Whatever or wherever your situation, Restaurant Resource Group consultants are ready to roll up their sleeves and get you set-up.

Our service not only includes setting up or reorganizing your accounting system, but all the operational and management practices that impact your financial "bottom line".

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