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Restaurant Resource Group, Inc.


New Restaurant Financial & Accounting Seminar Topics
For Your 2017 Meeting, Conference, or Retreat

These interactive and insightful multi-media presentations are guaranteed to leave your audience with the knowledge, strategies, tools and insights to turn their current restaurant into a more profitable business.

A QuickBooks Primer for Independent Restaurant Owners

One of the main reasons that independent restaurants fail is poor financial management. Most restaurant owners have a limited understanding of accounting and finance, and this limitation is made more critical with average restaurant profit margins ranging between 4% (Full Service) and 7% (Quick Service).

Utilizing QuickBooks accounting software, this seminar is designed to provide participants with a detailed understanding of the unique bookkeeping and accounting procedures associated with the restaurant industry. John Nessel, the seminar leader and twenty-year restaurant operator, teaches this seminar with the minimum of accounting “lingo” and does so in an animated style that is designed to engage and enlighten typical restaurant owners.  

Seminar topics Include: 

  • The Purpose of Accounting
  • A Restaurant Accounting Primer
  • Monthly or 4-Week Accounting Periods?
  • The “Uniform System of Accounts” for Restaurants
  • An Overview of QuickBooks
  • How to Get Started in QuickBooks
  • Tips on Configuring Your File
  • How to Enter Your Daily Sales & Deposits
  • All About Restaurant Payroll
  • Count and Account for Your F&B Inventories
  • Manage Your Vendor Payables
  • How to Read and Interpret Your Financial Statement
  • Compare Your Performance to Industry Averages

This Seminar is based on the article of the same name published in Restaurant Startup & Growth Magazine. It can be viewed at:


Restaurant Financial Warning Signals You Should Not Ignore

This seminar is based on twenty-five years of first hand experience as both a restaurant owner/operator and restaurant financial consultant. During that time I observed, in my own restaurants and those of my clients, just about every financial problem that is possible.  

This seminar is designed to identify the most common financial problems (Red Flags) associated with restaurant operations, and to offer remedies and solutions for each.

 These Red Flags include: 

  1. Absence of a Well-Organized and Operated Accounting System
  2. Key Operating Expenses Too High Relative to Gross Sales
  3. Menu Items Not Accurately Documented and Updated
  4. Food & Beverage Inventories Not Counted, Costed or Recorded
  5. Food & Beverage Inventory Levels Too High Relative to Corresponding Sales
  6. Daily & Weekly Financial Operating Data Not Collected, Reviewed or Acted Upon
  7. Inaccurate Posting of Financial Data to Your Accounting System
  8. Current Liabilities Sufficiently Greater Than Current Assets to Impair Bill Payment
  9. Owner Relying on Online Bank Balance to Manage Cash Flow
  10. Lack of Understanding as to Reading and Interpreting Financial Statements

This Seminar is based on the article of the same name published in Restaurant Startup & Growth Magazine. It can be viewed at:

To inquire about these programs, available dates and costs please contact John Nessel at 781-862-7520 or by email


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